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ΤΙΤΑΝ unveiled today its refreshed logo, which embodies the Group’s purpose to make the world around us a safe, sustainable, and enjoyable place to live and reflects its Green Growth strategy

After almost 25 years, TITAN refreshes its logo, to capture where it stands today and where it is headed, in a more dynamic, energetic, and in tune with the times way. With its globe-shaped emblem and new color palette, TITAN’s refreshed logo embodies the Group’s strong commitment to sustainability and transition to greener operations, products, and solutions. Presented with a dynamic and modern design, the refreshed logo also stands for TITAN’s international presence, promise to create value for all its stakeholders, thirst for innovation, and determination to grow. At the same time, staying close to the design of the previous logo, it still carries the Group’s history.

The newly introduced baseline “Building a better world together” that complements and underpins TITAN’s refreshed logo distills the Group’s purpose and mission. It encapsulates its role as a driving force in our industry, its ardent passion to always become better, its strong contribution to tackling today’s social and environmental challenges, and its willingness and ability to connect people.

Delivering on its role as a leading provider of building materials’ solutions and value creator in all 25 markets it serves, over the past years, TITAN has accelerated its transition to green materials, products, technologies, and solutions. The Group’s strong decarbonization roadmap, backed by over 100 initiatives that cover all of its geographies and entire value chain and by significant investments, is already in motion and brings TITAN to the first line of investments towards net zero.

The Group has also embarked on an innovation journey, with a two-fold approach that both leverages the power of partnerships and fosters innovation internally.

On the digital front, the Group continues to pioneer the digitalization of the cement industry, constantly evolving and expanding the use of AI-based tools, such as those that optimize production lines in real time and predict equipment failures, while piloting solutions that automate the extraction and processing of raw materials and predict the quality of cement before its use.

With more than 6,000 people, a strong history of more than 120 years, TITAN presents itself as a modern industrialist in a changing industry, as a responsible player in building and infrastructure materials and solutions, and highly respectful of all stakeholders’ needs. This is supported by the company’s values everywhere it operates: At TITAN, we care, we dare, we walk the talk, and we build to last.


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